Inspired by the remarkable fundraising achievements of Captain Tom Moore, we've embarked on an epic charity exercise initiative of our own – The Argyll Club London 2 London.

The 99-year-old war veteran raised more than £32m for the NHS, by walking 100 lengths of his garden. So we've challenged The Argyll Club team, their friends and their families to collectively walk, skip, run or cycle around the world, to raise money for The Felix Project and NHS Charities Together.

They'll be travelling virtually from our flagship location at 1 Cornhill in the City of London, to our London HQ in St James’ Square – via the world – before the end of May. What’s 24,888 miles, or 49,776,000 steps among friends?

We want to show our appreciation for the people and charities working on the front line, saving lives and supporting those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. So, we’re inviting everyone who takes part – and anyone who wants to cheer us on – to make a donation via our JustGiving pages.


The Felix Project Charity

NHS Charities Together

Progress Updates

Check back here for updates on our amazing progress - and visit the Facebook Group or email us to add your miles and steps!


26th May, 2020
Step Counter


What an active weekend! We’ve now travelled 20,562 miles collectively - that’s 83% of our goal!

With 4,326 miles to go, that’s the equivalent distance from London to Miami. Do you think we can make it home before Friday?

For those not on Facebook, here are few of our favourite contributions from the last week…

Silvia cycled 15 miles on Sunday from Elephant & Castle to Holland Park and around Notting Hill.




Adam hiked from Burgess Hill to Brighton with his best friend and his wife. They walked 30km over 6 hours in beautiful weather and scenery.




Our CEO, Jean-Michel, reached his 10km target on Monday after taking up running for this charity initiative!

Beth and her sister Ruth challenged themselves to walk the height of Mount Everest over the weekend. As if doing this walk up a steep hill in Wimbledon wasn’t enough, Beth decided to do this backwards!




While we’re almost there in terms of distance, we still have a lot of fundraising to do. We’ve raised £6,171 so far for NHS Charities Together and The Felix Project, but we have the potential to raise much more.

If we all reach out to 5 people and ask them to donate £10, we’ll raise over £10k!

The only reason we’ve managed to travel over 20,000 miles is because we’ve worked together as a team. So let’s use this amazing community we’ve built during this initiative to give back, do good and support those on the frontline of this global pandemic.

We’re almost there, let’s make these last few days count!

Join us on this journey and send your contribution to us via email, or on our Facebook page. To donate, head to our JustGiving pages linked above.


18th May, 2020

Thanks to everyone’s fantastic contributions, we’ve travelled 12,886 miles collectively - that’s 54% of our goal and further than New Zealand! 

We’ve raised £4,965 for The Felix Project and the NHS Charities Together so far, and it’s been fantastic to see the team come together to support each other raising money for the workers on the frontline of this pandemic.

Here are some of our favourite moments so far…

Patricia’s parents in Portugal jogged around their living room and contributed 20,000 steps.




Emmi’s family in Finland have been cross-country skiing and have contributed 93km between 4 of them. 




Victoria roller skated 10.35km around London.

Stefania put her Smartwatch on her toddler for the day and he walked 19,544 steps - that’s 8.5miles!

Holly has been skateboarding around Burgess Park and contributed 23km.

Suzanne walked 3km which is incredibly impressive as she’s carrying some very precious cargo!




With just 2 weeks left, we need to travel 923 miles a day to make it back to London before the end of May. The more we work as a team, the easier this will be.

If all 241 members in our Facebook group commit to 4 miles a day, we will smash our target and get home early! If only half the members in our group contribute, the active half will have to double their distance to still reach our target. So, let’s work together. Let’s use this time to connect with friends and family, and raise money for charity at the same time.

While we want to make sure we reach our mileage goal, supporting our charities by raising money is just as important. Remember to reach out to your community and ask for their help. Let’s show the workers on the frontIine how much we appreciate all the incredible work they’re doing everyday to keep us all safe.  

Join us on this journey and send your contribution to us via email or on our Facebook page. To donate, head to our JustGiving pages linked above.


11th May, 2020
London 2 London Progress

Two weeks after launching the initiative, we’ve made incredible progress travelling 7,656 miles collectively. 

We’ve travelled through France, Italy, Egypt, and now we’ve set ourselves a challenge of reaching South Africa. Our friends, family and their friends have all been getting involved to help us reach our goal and show appreciation for the NHS and front line workers. 

On top of their daily walks, runs and cycles, some have set themselves personal challenges to rack up the miles and encourage more donations.

Beth cycled from 7pm to 7am travelling a total of 150miles. She also carried her housemate around her garden for 26 minutes and walked 26.4 miles over the weekend - that’s a marathon!


Beth London2London


Ben contributed a total of 431.8km over 2 weeks!

Rosalind did a 10km walk inside her flat!

Laura set herself the challenge of walking to all the buildings she’s worked at during her time at The Argyll Club. Here she is at 78 Pall Mall, 41 Lothbury, 148 Leadenhall street & 20 North Audley - a 21km journey in total!


Laura London2London


Barry went on this first run in 2 years, and then challenged some of his teammates to run further. For every km further they run, he’ll donate £10 to The Felix Project. 


Join us on this journey and send your contribution to us via email or on our Facebook page.