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At The Argyll Club, we have over 30 flexible workspaces in London that can give your corporate business the safe, secure space it needs to bring your teams back together, safely. Finding a way to enable your teams to join together again, is critical as we move into this next chapter. However, few businesses have the space needed to allow everyone to follow government guidance. We’ve gone above and beyond the government guidelines to ensure everyone’s health and safety by offering safe, secure premium, flexible workspaces in London. 

Table of Contents:

  • What Is A Flexible Workspace?
  • What The Argyll Club Can Offer You
  • About The Argyll Club Flexible Offices

What Is A Flexible Workspace?


A flexible workspace is somewhere that has multiple creative desk layouts. They can often be referred to as ‘hot desking’ or ‘collaborative coworking spaces’. The idea is that employees can have the freedom to explore new environments, within the office, because they might not be assigned a specific desk. Flexible working spaces in London are very popular to those working in the gig economy, travel industry, or remote workers in general.    


What The Argyll Club Can Offer You


Here at The Argyll Club, We can offer you a short-term, flexible solution to bring your team back together, safely. Our locations can provide offices for satellite teams, space for project teams and rooms for meetings you need to hold off-site, in a premium workspace environment. With an option for everyone, discover your next room with us.

Day Offices: Bookable by the day, our flexible London workspaces are the perfect place to gather your team together when needed. As a premium, private office, you can be assured your space will be sophisticated and stylish, that will make your team relaxed for whatever task lies ahead. 

Hot Desking / Co-working: Allow your team Flexible access to a sophisticated, elegant work environment. Our London flexible workspaces can set your team up with a hot desk in our coworking areas or one of our business lounges. All you have to do is choose how often you would like to work from our central London offices. You can reserve your team's workspace today.

Meeting Rooms: Within some of London’s finest locations, our flexible workspaces are exceptional to host your meetings safely. You can choose between our Express or Executive booking options, both on our app or online. You will be sure to make a lasting impression on your guests, as every aspect will have been taken care of.


About The Argyll Club Flexible Offices


Founded over 20 years ago, The Argyll Club’s ambitions have never changed. We are here to provide businesses exceptional, flexible workspaces, that have best in class personal service. With 36 properties to choose from, throughout the capital, we are sure everyone can find one suitable for their business.   

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