We are committed to keeping our Members up to date with the steps we are taking and the advice we are receiving related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We take the wellbeing and safeguarding of our Members and our Teams very seriously.  

We are working hard to ensure ongoing business continuity for our Members to both remote work and continue to use their offices.

We have provided useful information and links below as well as some frequently asked questions that we hope may help.

These are unprecedented times, but we are working hard to ensure minimum disruption whilst keeping your wellbeing our top priority.

L. Willer, Operations & Customer Services Director.


1. What actions has The Argyll Club taken?

In response to the latest Government guidelines, from today our building management teams will no longer be present on-site. You are still welcome at The Argyll Club, and will continue to have access to the building, though please ensure your bring your keys with you. The General Manager of your building will be working from home and will be available to respond to any queries you may have. The security of our clubs is paramount, and to ensure this stays as a top priority we will arrange frequent visits to each club by Argyll Club staff or our trusted security team.


2. Are The Argyll Club still providing telephone answering services and receiving phone calls that are coming into my main line telephone number?

We will continue to answer your calls as per our normal service. If you have any changes to the forwarding information such as to requiring calls to go straight through to a given mobile number, or to voicemail, please communicate these to the General Manager of your building so that they can arrange this for you. Should you have any queries about this please contact your General Manager.


3. What will happen to our post that is being delivered to the building?

Many services and sectors have been affected during this unprecedented pandemic and the imposed travel restrictions & increased rate of COVID 19 infections have impacted mail deliveries. This means we have seen disruptions to some of our usual Royal Mail delivery schedules. We are in contact with our local sorting offices to endeavour to get timed deliveries in order to pass on any mail we have received. We know how vital this may be for your business so will continue to explore options with Royal Mail. In the meantime, some buildings are still receiving postal services and we recommend you make contact with the General Manager of your building to check on the status of this.


4. What will happen to any couriered items coming to the building?

As many of our buildings are closed, there is a strong chance that we are unable to accept couriered items at this time, however if you are expecting something to be delivered please speak to the General Manager as some buildings still have the capacity to accept the items. We do recommend that you speak to the company through whom you have booked your delivery and arrange for this to be rerouted. We apologise that we will not be on hand to accept all of the deliveries at this time, and hope that you understand the reasoning for this.


5. Can I still have items I need to send out couriered?

Yes, we are still able to remotely arrange for your items to be couriered from your location to another. Should you wish to make use of this service, please make contact with the General Manager of your building, who will be able to arrange this. Our only requirement is for you or someone of your choosing to be on hand to give the item to the courier.


6. How can I stop anyone coming into my office?

In order to limit the amount of footfall within the buildings and to protect the health and safety of our members and our staff, we have been in close consultation with our external cleaning provider and have come to the agreement to suspend cleaners from coming into your offices. If you are still attending the Club during this time, please can we ask that any rubbish you generate during your time in the building is taken with you when you leave. We do understand that this will not be in line with the high standards that you have come to expect from The Argyll Club, however we hope that you understand the reason why and are able to support this. Once our Clubs reopen, a full clean of each building will take place before our Members are advised that they can return, and a daily clean will commence as per our typical service offering. Should you have any queries regarding this, please contact your General Manager.


7. How is The Argyll Club continuing to monitor the security of their buildings?

All of the buildings we operate are either alarmed or has a level of onsite security available for all or parts of the day. Any alarm activations go through to an off-site monitoring company who notify both the relevant parties to the building and our security company. Our teams are carrying out daily checks of all buildings to follow up on security and health & safety tasks.


Q: If an individual within the building has a suspected case of COVID-19 what should they do and who should they report it to?

A: If an individual has a suspected case of COVID-19 they should follow the latest Public Health England advice (call NHS on 111) and notify the Business Centre team immediately (by phone or email). The Business Centre team will want to know details of why Coronavirus is suspected (symptoms, recent travel) and what action has been taken.  The individual should be isolated as best as is possible and it is advisable that a distance of 2m is kept between persons.


Q: In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the building, what would happen next?

A: In the event of a confirmed case, the individual and or office would be isolated, any circulatory air conditioning switched off and windows opened. We would also notify the Local Health Authority and we would follow the Local Health Authority Protection team’s instructions, risk assessment process for the site and advice on the required cleaning procedures. A deep clean of the premises would be initiated. We will of course communicate with all members in the building via email during this process as to our contingency measures. If any of our buildings or your offices are affected we shall do our utmost to accommodate you and your teams to ensure, where possible, we keep you working.


Q: Who can I speak with at The Argyll Club?

A: If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact your Business Centre team or email customerservice@theargyllclub.com.


Additional Sources of Information:

If you require further information on the Coronavirus, the following links provide up to date information:


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