As we look ahead to returning to The Argyll Club, our perspective has shifted from social distancing to workplace distancing. We want everyone to come back with peace of mind and confidence, so you can focus on what matters most.

Our team is now focussed on the next chapter, so that when you come back to your office, we all know how to work together for the health and safety of everyone. We want to share with you our strategy, a few new house rules and some guidance for you and your teams. We’ll need your help, and the help of your guests, to respect these rules and keep us all safe. The General Manager of your club will be in touch with you soon to discuss these, and your plans – do also let them know if you’d like to order any PPE for your business.

Of course, we’ll refine our approach in-line with any new government or WHO guidance, as it is released – and will keep you updated. We are very much looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Octagon Point, St Paul's - communal area

“We remain as committed as ever to providing an inspiring and relaxed space for our Members to work and meet.

Having a place in which we can connect with others, safely – face-to-face – is more important now than it has ever been. I’m confident that with everyone’s collaboration and cooperation, we can create an environment that truly lifts and supports you during this next chapter.”

Jean-Michel Orieux


Club Rules

We’re introducing a few new rules to help keep everyone safe. We’ll place reminders around the club too, while we all adjust to this new normal – please respect these requests. 


• Always keep a safe, 6ft distance from others in all areas of the club.

We’ll have guides on the walls, floor and furniture to help you maintain a safe social distance. We’re removing some chairs from meeting rooms to help with this too.


Lounge Social Distancing
*This is an example illustration. All seating arrangements will adhere to a 2m distancing policy.


• Only one person in the lift at a time - and only to go up.

Use the stairs to get down (if you’re able). Some clubs may vary this rule if safe to do so.


Social Distancing - Lifts
*This is an example illustration. Each club will have a tailored plan based on the layout.


• Our team will wear face masks, and you must ensure that you, your teams and guests do too in all the communal areas.

This includes lounges and kitchens. A range of PPE, including face masks, is available to purchase from reception, or pre-order from your GM. View the catalogue of available items here. 

• Member attendance will be logged daily.

This is to support any Government track and trace requirement.

• All guests must be pre-announced to reception, before they arrive. 

No exceptions, sorry. They must also show ID and sign in when they arrive.

• Hand-sanitiser must be used on the way in and out of the club - every time.

We’ll provide this in all reception areas.

• All desks must be left clear at the end of each day, so we can sanitise the furniture effectively.

• Follow your club’s new seating and capacity guidance, to help maintain safe distances.

You can see an example below (or download it here), all seating arrangements will adhere to a 2m distancing policy – stickers and signage will be in place as a guide.

We’re also opening up our available shared workspace for free, if you need more space for your team.

Social Distancing - Circulation

A different approach


There are a number of ways you and your team can adjust your day and ways of working, to help with workplace distancing – on your way to and from the club, and within it.


We can offer you a number of ways to position your team more safely. You can access our available shared meeting rooms, hot-desks and lounge – for free. Or speak to your club GM about securing additional private space.


Consider temporarily reconfiguring your layout to enable a greater distance between people. Our club team is available to move your furniture if you need help.


We’re increasing our bike storage to make it easier for you and your team to choose to ride in, rather than take public transport.


Consider staggering your team’s working hours so you can travel when transport is quieter, and to reduce the number of people in your office at any one time.

The new clean

We want all our Members to feel safe and confident in our clubs. Cleanliness and hygiene are fundamental to this, so we’re implementing many new measures that will allow you – and our team – to maintain enhanced hygiene standards.    


• All our clubs will be thoroughly deep-cleaned before we return. Our HVAC systems have been subject to an on-going maintenance regime that uses the latest anti-bacterial products.

• There’ll be enhanced cleaning throughout the day, particularly in communal areas. Don’t forget to clear your desk at the end of each day so this can be done effectively. 

• All our water systems have been flushed and lift safety checks will be carried out before they’re put back in service.

• Reception desks will now be fitted with hygiene screens. They’re there to protect you, your guests and our team.

• Our team will wear face masks, and you must ensure that you, your teams and guests do too in all the communal areas.

• Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the club. Please use it as often as possible, and don’t forget that it must be used on the way in and out the building.

• Meeting rooms will be sanitised between bookings, but you’ll also find anti-bac wipes in all rooms for further reassurance.

• We’re stocking the kitchens with disposable cups to reduce the risk of contamination. Please use them.

• In all kitchen areas, we ask that you wash your hands thoroughly before and after eating. 

• For the time being, we're removing newspapers and magazines from our communal lounge areas. 

• All in-coming mail will be handled by our team, wearing PPE, and will be distributed to Members.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments

Please read our guide to the mandatory risk assessments that must be conducted before returning to work

Keep reading for further details about the health and safety procedures we are following during this time, and going forward. 

• Whilst vigilantly monitoring and adapting to government guidance, our statutory duties in regards to Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) remain largely unchanged. Our buildings have been and will be subject to PPM regimes in line with Guidance SFG20. All of our mechanical and electrical equipment remain in a fully serviced condition so as to ensure the health, safety and welfare of both our members and our teams. The PPM schedule we have set is on track and has been accelerated over the past two weeks.  

• During ongoing maintenance, our HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) are cleaned with RTU Evaporator cleaner and disinfectant. This product contains QX-60 – a high strength disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs in 60 second or less.

• Lifts will be brought back into full service under the supervision of an engineer.

• A team of engineers is conducting a weekly flushing of all water outlets across the portfolio. This will increase the turnover of water in our systems and tackle the risk of legionella. Coupled with ongoing water sampling and temperature testing, we are able to ensure and verify the quality of our water.

• We’re reviewing and implementing practicable HVAC measures such as increasing the flow of fresh air and increasing cleaning and disinfection. We have and will continue to consider guidance from various sources, including but not limited to BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) and CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) to ensure the safety of our systems.

Here to Help

We’re listening

Your views are critical to shaping what ‘next’ looks like. We want to consider your needs, concerns and ambitions, so we can all come back stronger than ever.