• The A-Z of Post-Covid Working: Best of Both Worlds

    The A-Z of Post-Covid Working: Best of Both Worlds

    Published by michaela.wrede… | 16th September 2020

    What is your company view: continue to work remotely or go back to the office? Many businesses appear polarised. Pinterest has recently paid $90m to end a new lease obligation in favour of a more distributed workforce while CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings pans homeworking, saying that he does not see ‘any positives’ at all. The reality is that a third way is emerging. In this hybrid model, businesses are looking to combine the best of both worlds with employees spending part of their time in the office and the rest working virtually, depending on the tasks that they need to fulfil.

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  • The A-Z of Post-Covid Working: Agility

    The A-Z of Post-Covid Working: Agility

    Published by michaela.wrede… | 9th September 2020

    What does an agile workplace mean to you? While the concept has been around for years, the experience of global lockdown has turbo-charged business and employee interest in more flexible ways of working and altered the meaning of work for us all. In the words of Michael Dell, Founder of Dell Technologies, ‘Covid-19 has made one thing clear. Work is something you do, an outcome, not a place or a time’.

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  • Recommended Reading

    Monday Motivation: inspiring reading for the week ahead

    Published by Joban.thomas@t… | 27th April 2020

    With a sunny weekend over and another busy week of working from home just starting, we wanted to share some unique perspectives and carefully selected stories that we’ve been sending to Members.

    We are as determined as ever to support businesses, and the teams that make them what they are, through this pandemic, so we hope these few stories will inspire, guide and uplift.


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  • The Hari Hotel Terrace


    Published by Joban.thomas@t… | 10th March 2020

    This month, we are continuing to highlight excellent service around London, and where better to start than with one of our hotel partners who shares our service ethos? The Hari is a five-star boutique hotel in Belgravia, where our Members can book a working lunch at preferential rates and where some of our staff recently went to compare notes on service during a training day. At The Argyll Club, we’re committed to delivering and celebrating excellent service – here, we catch up with Andrew Coney, The Hari’s General Manager, on his views on life at the hotel, what makes great service, and his outlook for 2020.

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